Progstravaganza XVIII: Transforma

Progstravaganza XVIII: Transforma Out Now

Prog Sphere’s Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation series has reached its eighteenth edition with the release of the brand new sampler titled Transforma.

Transforma brings seventeen songs, building another varied sampler of the world’s underground progressive music. Check out great tunes from Jason Rubenstein, Ethereal Riffian, Killcode and fourteen other artists, download the sampler and make sure to share it with your friends.

In the meantime, Prog Sphere is open for the music submissions for the  next Progstravaganza compilation which will be released later this month. Artists interested in submitting their music can contact Prog Sphere at the well-known e-mail address:

The TerraZAR on Prog Sphere's Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation

The TerraZAR

The TerraZAR is a 3 piece Prog Funk band from South Africa. At the heart of the band is the rhythm section of Clint Falconer and Andy Maritz. Clint and Andy know each other from session work for some of SA’s top musicians. Andy and Clint got the idea to do something a bit different from what they normally do, mess around with some odd meters and use some of the crazy jazz harmony Clint had learnt about while studying jazz. While they were busy laying down the drum parts for there EP “All Hail The Bunny” they decided on Gert Rautenbach on Guitar, Clint knew Gert from there days studying jazz and knew he’s oblique phrasing, love of outside playing and use of crazy effects made Gert the perfect guitarist for the TerraZAR. The band proceeded to finish there EP and started gigging and refining there sound. The TerraZARs sound can be described as “wicked Prog funk grooves covered with rich lush harmony set against dark ambient improvised sections” .

The TerraZAR is a band who like to push the boundaries of music and with this is mind they planning on recording two full length albums this year. The first is going to be a heavier cd based on the Anime “Ghost In A Shell”. With a lot more odd meters and use of synthetic scales ect. The second is going to be a fully improvised ambient album with the use of “graphic notation” charts as used by people such as John Cage, the theme of the second album will be Phsycopomps.




Mothersloth is a Madrid-based band, started in 2008. Original members were Oscar on drums, Alvaro – guitars, Rafael – vocals, and Jackie – guitars.

They recorded some demos in their rehearsal space to send to a festival, and later on edited these recordings with the title Death Flowers ( 2009).

Then Rafael left, and the band started writing songs in a different direction, perhaps a wider approach, some of them have remained instrumental, such as Holy Wall and Death Flower.

With Rolando F on vocals, Gerald on bass the band started playing around the Madrid venues. The debut show was on 14 April 2011 opening for La Dolorosa.

They played with some other bands such as Cherry But No Cake (UK), Pura Muerte, Craneon, Teething, Dawn To Dusk, Orthodox, until the beginning of 2012. Right before getting into the studio to do some good quality recordings, they decided to replace the singer, and called Fernando Polvaredo from local band Fungus to do the job.

They called this collection Hazy Blur Of Life, consisting of four songs, namely Pile Of Fortune, Goliath, MotherSloth and Supersun. It was edited in 2013 by Dooom Records, a small label in Peru.

Soon after the completion of the first EP, the band lost the singer. They then decide to focus in the instrumental songs they had been writing along the years, and started recording the second effort, Moribund Star, consisting of 5 songs .

They got back to two guitars adding Dani on guitars, and found Alex who would be the new singer and bass player.

In the band’s sound you can find several influences,70′s inspired sounds combined with heavy guitar riffs and open chords, in order to give each song the sound they need.

First band EP, released December 2012 via bandcamp.

The Beckoning on Progstravaganza compilation

The Beckoning

“The Beckoning” is an Extreme Progressive/Gothic Metal band from Edmonton,Alberta,Canada that fuses the aggression of Extreme Metal with the majestic ambience of Gothic music and the eccentricity and odd song structures of progressive Rock/Metal.Founded by Meghann and Roy Turple and joined together with guitarist/bassist Eldon Loewen, the trio combine their influences together in a songwriting formula that is both unorthodox and organic.

Originally started as a Gothic/Doom Metal band “The Beckoning” has evolved into a more progressive unit,leaving behind the more straight ahead approach that was heard on their earlier releases.Merging influences from 70′s Prog Rock such as Rush,Pink Floyd and early Genesis with a myriad of Extreme Metal bands and Goth Rock/Metal acts such as Saviour Machine and Virgin Black the trio feel like they have found their stride and a sound that most adequately expresses their musical aspirations.

The band looks forward to releasing “Megiddo” – the upcoming album tentatively set for release in late 2014 which promises to deliver their love for all things raw,extreme,and progressive.

Road Not Taken on Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation

Road Not Taken

Road Not Taken was founded in 2011 by guitarist and singer Chris Weinhardt and drummer Benjamin Lindner in Eichwalde, Germany (a small city close to Berlin). Playing together for over 10 years in several bands of various genres it was easy to close to line-up with bass player Florian Valentin and the second vocalist Nico Hentschel.

The music consists of many different parts and has more than once been described as soundtrack-esque by listeners. A mixture between classic Metal and fast modern Progressive styles is essential in almost every song. Odd time instrumental parts intertwine with catchy vocal lines and melodies.

Road Not Taken performed in various German cities as well as in Prague for a special metal show case. The debut album “From Now On To Nowhere” was released in 2013 and will be succeeded by the follow-up EP “The Broken Clock” in spring 2014. The EP contains a more diverse vocal range with the addition of growls and screaming.






JOFRO-HEMA is a band on the danish rock scene. The instrumentation: Vocal, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.
The lead singer is the Faroese “Fro”, whereas the others are from Denmark. All of the band members have many years of experience in rock music.

JOFRO-HEMA has these past few years written and rehearsed all new songs and are now ready to play them for the public.

JOFRO-HEMA plays progressive rock with many influences. These influesces come from all the members because they all participate in the creativite process of making music in the rehearsal studio.

JOFRO-HEMA is not affraid to challenge the audience with its compositions that “change direction” and surprise with untraditional rythms and chord lines.

JOFRO-HEMA is a pronounced live band that vil create great dynamics and big sound on the stage.

Celluloid Winter on Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation

Celluloid Winter

Celluloid Winter is a two-man project that began nearly 3 years ago around early 2011. Inspired by a multitude of artists such as Pink Floyd, Blackfield and NIN, Celluloid Winter’s Nate Hammer and John Garcia dabble in melodic, progressive and art rock.

Fueled by dreamlike images and stories, Celluloid Winter’s first EP is a sample of a near completed concept album. Currently pressing forward with a full  album, Garcia and Hammer write, perform, record and mix everything in their home  studios (mastering done by Kent Verderico at Blue Ribbon Studios). Eager to share their music and stories, Celluloid Winter continues to work on a full length album aiming to release it alongside corresponding imagery and videos 2014.

Vie Jester on Prog Sphere's Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation

Vie Jester

Heavy and harmonious electric riffs, melodic vocal harmonies, and progressive grooves create the massive sound that is Vie Jester. Generating comparisons to monster rock groups such as Tool and Alice In Chains, this L.A. based band brings forth a unique and ambitious take on three piece rock music. Inspired by socially important issues and esoteric teachings, they vie to incorporate important messages within their lyrics. Vie Jester: a modern power trio that flexes the artistic side of hard rock.

Bugra Sisman on Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation

Bugra Sisman

Bugra Sisman started playing guitar when he was 12. After taking guitar classes from Ceyhun Saklar when he was 14, he went into Istek Belde Fine Arts high school.

When he graduated from this high school in 2005,  he got accepted to Middlesex University’s Ba Music Performance department.

In this school, he worked with the famous guitarist, Timothy Walker. He also worked on performance techniques with Raeneda Machie. He had the chance to work with one of England’s most famous composers Dr Francois  and Dr Peter Fribbins.

He graduated from this University in the year of 2005, and he went back to Turkey.  While he continues his work on stage and studio, he also gives private lessons on his own and at some private institutions.



“It is hard to list 5R6 under some particular genre. In their own words: “some say that we are playing a mixture of stoner and progressive rock, others that it is prog mixed with grunge with a pinch of alternative rock and metal seasoning for a better taste. As for us, we couldn’t care less. We’re just trying to bring all that we love about music in what we do.” And along with heavy riffs in 7/4 and 15/8 you will find catchy melodies and tender arrangements.

Their first EP “Knots & Spirals” was released in October 2010. Musically it was highly influenced by the Seattle scene of 90’s and progressive bands such as Tool, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Mastodon etc.

In august 2012 the band released their second EP “+6.5 And Brighter”, which is more proggy and even somewhat psychedelic, it has incorporated more classic rock, 90’s post-hardcore and stoner rock influences, rather than metal. The band’s intention was to create a unique sound and solid compositions remaining within heavy rock to give food for a listener imagination making his/her limbs and head moving to the rhythm while his/her mind taking a transcendental trip to the inner and outer space.

In September 2012 5R6 went to their first European tour with Stoned Jesus, a stoner-psychedelic rock band from Kiev. Currently, 5R6 is preparing to record first full-length album.”

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